Tipsgrove Eco offer a wide range of packages for commercial solar installations. We provide an individual service for every business we work with and give each client projected generation and cost saving figures for each project. As an accredited installer we can also certify our installations for Feed-In-Tariff payments which gives our customers a guaranteed income for 20 years based on the energy they generate from their solar systems.


Commercial Solar Installation


We often find that our commercial clients have extremely short payback periods because they can take full advantage of the energy they generate during daylight hours. This helps maximise the savings they can achieve by reducing their mains electricity usage. What’s more, the Feed-In-Tariff pays solar panel owners for all the energy they generate from their solar systems – whether you use the energy or not! Businesses therefore save money and earn money at the same time!


All our commercial installations also have option of finance packages to help reduce the impact on cash flow. This allows our clients to take full advantage of a solar system without the need to commit to a large upfront cost. All our finance packages are offered on a personalised basis and often use the financial benefits of the solar system to help cover the repayments. For more information on our commercial finance packages please contact us.


Benefits of commercial solar installations:

  • Significant energy savings by utilising the solar energy during business opening hours
  • Present a good corporate image by demonstrating your commitment to renewable energy and environmental issues (Corporate Social Responsibility – CSR)
  • Earn 20 year income from the FIT (Feed-In-Tariff) scheme
  • Increase value/saleability of your commercial premises due to lower running costs
  • Help safeguard your business against future increases in energy costs


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