Tipsgrove Eco are specialists in solar installations. We have extensive experience in the domestic solar industry and have installed around 1,000 solar systems across England & Wales. We offer a complete installation service for our domestic customers and offer free no obligation home surveys to discuss the requirements and suitability of each individual property.


Every domestic customer is provided with an estimated energy generation and fuel saving projection within their quotation to demonstrate the returns you can achieve by installing solar panels. Our installations are also eligible for Feed-In-Tariff payments which are guaranteed by the government for 20 years from the commissioning date of your installation.


Solar panels on church
Solar panel installation on magnificent converted church


There are many benefits for homeowners to install solar panels – both financially and environmentally. Some of these benefits include:

  • Reduce your electricity bills
  • Increase the value/saleability of your property
  • Safeguard your property from increasing energy prices
  • Cut down your CO2 emissions by powering home with a renewable energy source
  • Earn while you save – FIT payments for 20 years by installing solar panels


For more information on installing a solar system and to book your free home survey please contact us.