Property development in Herefordshire

Property development in Herefordshire is something that Tipsgrove Eco Ltd have done for many years.

Sites range in size from single homes to 16 in size. Sometimes we have been the owner of the site and sometimes we have helped others to develop.

As examples it is possible for Tipsgrove to act:

  • in a consultancy capacity where we can look at a site on your behalf and then make recommendations as to how that property could be improved.
  • to undertake some of the works in a development such as providing the services, ground works, heating and building.

Property development in Herefordshire

In the example above we purchased the plot. There was a main house and an annex that was used for commercial work. The house and the annex will now be 2 separate properties. The existing house will now include an upstairs extension for an additional bedroom following planning permission. The annex will have a downstairs extension for added living area. Both houses will have a new drive near to where the photograph has been taken for car parking and garages.

We aim to add value through making sensible changes to a plot. In addition through our ground works, heating and building capability we can make structural changes that will benefit changing needs of today’s households.

We welcome enquiries either by phone on 01531 671 237 or through our contact page

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