Off grid 48v DC Air conditioning

Its a sunny day and what better to commission our Off grid 48v DC Air conditioning system.

Solar Panels and battery storage

We do have plenty of PV panels on our site, however you need about 1kW to power this 18000 BTU or 4kW Off grid 48v DC Air conditioning system. So we have used some 9  235w panels so that we can get some heating during the winter as well as cooling in the summer.

In the shed below the panels there is a battery bank. We have used lead acid batteries for this, but it would be perfectly possible to use either. Lead batteries are a bit cheaper, but take up more space. Roughly the job of the batteries is that during the day, when they may be cloud cover, the batteries will take up the slack. During the night when there is no sun, the batteries will need to supply a maximum of 1kW per hour.

Off grid DC heat pump

The outdoor unit has been mounted on rubber feet to minimise noise. It is compact and worked on the first press of a button.

heat or cool emitter

We located the heat/cooling emitter in the back of a large kitchen. During the summer it does get too hot and during the winter it can get cold. In this situation the reason for the installation is to be a balancing unit to give a constant temperature.

An Off grid 48v DC Air conditioning system clearly is meant for “off grid” and this system has been installed so that it is truly off grid. Its intended uses could be in either off grid locations in huts or sheds or small workplaces. Equally it would be useful to companies that want to ensure that air conditioning is renewable.

This unit is still on test, and will be for the next month or so. If this interests you we would love to hear from you. 

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