Climoji! Really?

Climoji are new emoji invented so that we can discuss climate change.


Perhaps emoji are at their best when considering emoti(c)ons – 🙂 and using keyboard short cuts to quickly sum up a situation in a few characters so that you can get back to a friend. They come ready loaded as part of your messaging software on your phones.

Climoji have been in the press stating that “climate change + Emoji = Climoji”.

So it might be possible to have a very short conversation from a friend eating a burger




followed by




We had 3 thoughts

Climoji are pictures, and not currently part of most messaging systems. Emoji on the other hand are. Perhaps over the next few months these will be adopted. Otherwise the objective – which is to get people talking more about climate change – will be lost.

Climate change means lots of different things to different people. Part of the education process is being able to discriminate between an action that leads to further warming of the atmosphere and an action that leads to local pollution. For instance plastic waste in the ocean is an environmental hazard. Plastic production and recycling plastic is a climate change issue.

There are no positive remarks that you can make with Climoji to celebrate when you have cut emissions or become emissions free. That could be celebrated, but currently not using this medium.

This week we have been installing some Solar PV, a battery system, and a heat pump. Has it helped climate change?

We believe that the answer is YES, but to explain takes a little longer. For instance the amount of carbon needed to manufacture, maintain and ship solar panels has been calculated numerous times over the last 15 years. The published carbon payback today is about 1.4 years. There are still those that think that solar PV does little for climate change . Therefore even on basic policy issues such as do we want more solar panels there is debate and uncertainty. This “war” seems to be as contentious as the UK leaving the EU and for the average person in the street it is complicated. Climoji’s may not be the answer!

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