Off grid air conditioning

Off grid air conditioning has been previously discussed by us here. However that article was really about running air conditioning for free.

To be off grid you have to have no connection to the grid. You have to make all of your electricity yourself. What you do not use you can store in a battery.

Solar panels and batteries use DC current whereas the grid uses AC current. Most heat pumps on the market use AC as they are attached to the grid.

We have recently unpacked our off grid system

Off Grid ir conditioning system

and we already have the solar and batteries in place.

In the first instance we are going to monitor the output. As it can produce heat as well as cold air the item can be left on, and only use surplus electricity at a given moment.

At the time of writing it is January and at the start of the day our 3kW system was only producing 180w, but is now producing 1.8kW. This is not going to be consistent. The batteries will help smooth out the demand, but this unit cannot be relied on to give heat at all times. It has to be considered as a bonus, however it will be useful heat if the building is well insulated and conserves the heat.

In the summer, when the sun is out, the solar will work, and therefore the air conditioning will work. The summer sun will also produce enough electricity to store in the battery to continue into the night.

Once this unit is up and running well, we will report back. We are then looking for a number of test installs in our local area. If you are interested in becoming a test site then please get in touch.

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