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Air conditioning is seen in the UK as a luxury to run. It generally uses electricity, and can be as expensive as heating. In recent years the summers have been getting hotter, and the need to keep cool whilst at work has grown greater.

Always use a heat pump!

Typically a small office can have an air conditioning unit, but cheap to buy can be be expensive to run. You can reduce your costs by a factor of 3 by using an air conditioning system with a heat pump. This way the heat pump pulls out “free energy” from the air in order to make cool air that is pumped into your office.

Solar Living UK, our installation partner, is a Panasonic Pro Partners. This this means that we can offer extended warranties on their heat pump products. We can offer extended warranties on Samsung products as well. By using the best compressors the noise is low and the efficiency is high.

Always use Solar PV!

If you want air conditioning, but keep your costs down then read on:

  1. Have a solar PV installation. When you need air conditioning mostly when the sun is out. Therefore your costs will be lowered.
  2. Have a solar PV installation. Install a switch that only enables the air conditioning to run if the electricity being produced from the solar PV is sufficient.
  3. What about an off grid system? If you have a small amount of panels, a small number of batteries, then you can power the air conditioning 100% without having to be connected to the grid.

We can deal with points 1 and 2 already. Having done many hundreds of Solar PV installations, this in many ways is the mass market way of solving air conditioning. If you are interested in a PV installation that pays for itself in 5 or 6 years, and an air conditioning unit(s) for some offices, then please get in touch.

Why not go “off grid”?

Air conditioning should work off grid! Tipsgrove Eco has put a system together that will be trialled over the next few months. Our objective is to understand the size of the PV installation, and how well this can work with the heat pump to produce cooling during the summer, and also some hot air during the winter.

Yes! Air conditioning will work off grid. No mains connection is necessary. It wont always work on demand as It can be hot at night as well. We have added batteries to extend the day into evening. The effect of this will be limited to the size of the battery pack. e.g. an 8kW battery pack may keep the 3kW air conditioning system working for about 8 hours continuously.

Sadly this does not qualify for an incentive (although the solar PV can do), but if you are interested in being kept in touch, or for further details please contact us.

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